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Momos are one of the most popular fast foods in Nepal! They are steamed dumplings with either a succulent meat or a flavourful vegetarian filling, mixed with our own blend of herbs and spices. They have a unique taste and aroma - they're unlike any other dumplings you've had before and thats a promise!

The Momo Spot

in 2015, a group of friends banded together to host a fundraiser for those devastated by the earthquakes in Nepal. We introduced Ottawa momos and there's been no turning back! We wanted to continue with our passion, after identifying that we might have stumbled onto something here - something to bring to the culinary scene in plain ‘ol Ottawa.

The Momo Spot in Ottawa was thus born - we are not chefs by any means but all of us have been home-trained by our moms and bajes(grandmas) for years! We’ve all mastered the mystic Iron-Claw technique (handed down from generations past, as the legend goes) of folding each and every momo by hand with love! We make ours from scratch and by hand so they are wholesome and pack a punch of exotic flavours!  The 'secret sauce' behind a plate of delicious Momo is the ... wait for it.. sauce! Yes, really – its all about the sauce! We make our sauce from scratch as well using locally sourced ingredients. We constantly get asked why we don't bottle and sell it so best believe its that good ;) 

We’re now on a mission to share more of the Nepali snack and a variety of Nepali Cuisine with Ottawa. We want to emulate our own experiences tasting these delicacies for the first time  so you can also see why we’re crazy about what we’re going on about, like ALL the time! 

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